Winter Rose Protection in Kearney

Winterizing Roses 

To protect the tender roses in your garden you need to protect them against the unpredictable Kearney, Missouri, weather. In order to do that, you really need to plan ahead. Don’t wait too long. Waiting until late autumn may be a mistake because all it takes is one sudden cold snap and serious damage can be done to your roses. do these steps for Winter Rose Protection in Kearney!

Winter Rose Protection in Kearney

There is more than one way to acheive Winter Rose Protection in Kearney. Some varieties are more hardy than others, the actual weather conditions, the regional soils, and the plant’s location in the garden all affect the chances of survival and what is needed. The landscape professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can look at all these conditions (okay, they really don’t control the weather and cannot predict it) and help you plan what method of winterizing is best for your roses.

Using the Minnesota Process

The Minnesota Process works well in areas like Kearney, Missouri, where the temperature regularly dips below 20 degrees in the winter. Prune the bush approximately 3’ tall. You’ll need to trim all outer buds, remove smaller limbs, leaving only 3 to 5 of the hardiest canes. Then take off all the leaves that haven’t fallen off, this improves moisture retention over the winter. Next you will truss up the bush using a non-organic twine. The process also involves the application of an oil spray. The digging or a trench on one side this provides an acidity level for the roses that is extremely beneficial. Using a garden fork dig carefully under the roots and gently tip the rose over into the trench, cover it with soil from the trench and then cover the whole plant with a blanket or bags of leaves to provide the final layer of protection. If this seems like a lot of work, it is! Contact your lawn care professionals at R&S to discuss what the best method of Winter Rose Protection in Kearney. (816)532-4999