Water lawn in Liberty, MO and save yourself some money

Save your lawn from being over-watered and save yourself some money in Liberty and surrounding areas. R&S Lawn & Sprinkler has some tips to water lawn in Liberty, MO!!!

The weather is getting hotter but are you watering your lawn enough or over-watering it??? R&S Lawn & Sprinkler Techs have witnessed many customers who have drenched their own lawns by over – watering.  In many cases more lawns suffer from being over-watered during the hottest part of summer.  R&S sprinkler techs know how much water is too much for your lawn and can adjust your clock and sprinkler heads to make sure your lawn isn’t drowning in water or drying up from the heat.  Let R&S help you water lawn in Liberty, MO smarter.  Feel free to check out our website and see all the services we have to help your lawn grow green!

How do I know my lawn is receiving the proper amount of water it needs to?

Great question! Here are a few tips that R&S Lawn & Sprinkler uses to help you water your lawn, while saving you money in Liberty and surrounding North Kansas City areas!

Water your lawn and saving yourself some money in Liberty


  1.  You should always water lawn in Liberty in the morning. Why? Because it’s the coolest part of the day allowing the water to moisten the soil allowing the grass roots to grow deeper into the soil.  What happens if you water in the middle of the day?  The middle of the day  has the highest temperature, this means the water will evaporate rather than allowing it to soak into the soil, causing your grass to dry up even more.  The worst time to water is in the evening/night.  Although, it may be coolest the water can promote your lawn to growing fungus.
  2. You should water your lawn long enough to moisten about 6 inches of soil.  The best way to determine if your time is set appropriately to your lawn is to check it 15 minutes after you water, take a shovel and just lift the sod up revealing the roots, and observe if the soil is wet.
  3. This is a BAD HABIT!! Watering your lawn everyday!!! What? Why? If you water your lawn everyday it will cause fungus growth and prevent your grass roots from growing deeper. In many cases our customers have clay soil in which the lawn only needs to be watered once a week for 15 to 30 minutes.  by doing this you are allowing the grass roots to grow deeper in the rich soil.
  4. Make sure your lawn is getting an even amount of water. It’s good to check your lawn for low water areas. R&S has a simple trick to show the amount of water being distributed in your lawn.  Take several plastic cups and place them throughout your lawn, you may need to weigh them down with coins. Next, run your system for 30 minutes.  Collect up the cups to see which area of your lawn is getting too much or not enough water.  Adjust head accordingly to your lawns personal needs.
  5. Get your sprinkler system checked for leaks! R&S has experienced many soaked lawns due to leaks in the sprinkler systems.  These leaks can over-water your lawn ans end up costing you a fortune in water bills.  R&S Lawn & Sprinkler will check your system for leaks, adjust sprinkler heads, and program your clock for you!!!

R&S Lawn & Sprinkler has been servicing Liberty and surrounding North Kansas City lawns for over 20 years.  R&S has what it takes to fully service your lawns needs creating the perfect lawn for you and your family. Let R&S help you save money, check out our coupons and Contact R&S online or call us at 816-532-4999.   Don’t forget to look at our other services and portfolio full of our gorgeous landscapes, just click the links!