Verticutting in Smithville

Should I Consider Verticutting in the Fall?

Verticutting in Smithville is vertical mowing. The process removes thatch that has built up in the lawn. Thatch is that dead layer of stems and roots that prevents your yard from effectively absorbing nutrients and water. How do I know if my Smithville, Missouri, lawn needs to be vericut? Take a walk across your yard. When you walked across your grass does it feel spongy? If so, your yard has a build-up of thatch and may benefit from verticutting in Smithville. It is possible to remove thatch from your yard with a specially designed rake. However, the removal of the dead stems and plant roots is a labor intensive process. Contact the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn and sprinkler to maximize your enjoyment of your lawn, not the time spent doing yard work. (816)532-4999

Verticutting in SmithvilleHow can we Help?

Instead of doing it yourself, the professionals at R&S will use a verticut machine that will cut into your yard with several blades, slicing the ground and creating arrow for seeding while removing thatch at the same time. When you remove the thatch by this method evenly seeded rows are created. Remember, the overall goal of verticutting is to prepare your lawn for an application of seed in the fall. It gives new grass time to establish itself before the cold sets in. Fall seeding needs to be followed by fertilization. The lawn service professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you determine what kind of fertilization should be done and how many applications are best for your yard as you move toward the cold months.

Remember that vericutting sections of your yard to reseed and cultivate new growth sets your yard up for a beautiful spring!