Temptation to plant early in Kansas City, Missouri

The Temptation to Plant in Early April

On the average, the days in April are continuing to warm up and the clear, balmy weather makes the temptation to plant early in Kansas City, Missouri to put out young plants. Don’t let Mother Nature fool, because there is cold weather that comes in April and sometimes the nights can dip below freezing, threatening your young plants. In addition, the winds in Northwestern Missouri have a tendency to go from light and breezy to gale force with the movement of spring frontal boundaries which can also threaten your new seedlings.

As the days lengthen throughout the spring it is tempting to snag those bedding plants at the local lawn and garden store and start putting them out. If you have access to a frost-free greenhouse then it’s a great time to take advantage of the early spring sales events. However, the best advice is to wait just a little longer until there is a lesser chance of overnight frosts or even freezes.

Temptation to plant early in Kansas City, Missouri

Traditionally, planting times revolve around the predicted “last-frost” of the year. With the temptation to plant early in Kansas City, Missouri, potential last frost date near the last week of April, so wait until at least the last week of April before rushing out and planting all of those beautiful annuals. This saves you time, you won’t be doing twice the work when the plants die from frost and it will save money.

Instead of rushing to get the plants in the ground, this is an ideal time to contact a professional landscape company, such as R&S Lawn Service, to come out an prepare your planting beds and garden plots. April is ideal for tilling the land and preparing it to receive it’s beautiful display closer to May. Give R&S Lawn Service a call today to set up spring preparation services.