sprinkler systems in kearney, MO

Sprinkler Systems in Kearney, MO
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R&S Lawn’s Sprinkler Systems in Kearney, MO

R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can install the Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor. A rotor engineered to be one of the industry’s most reliable and best performing rotor. The Rain Curtain ™ Nozzles create large droplets and the resulting gentle watering guarantees efficient coverage for your Sprinkler Systems in Kearney, MO. Call us today to set up your appointment at (816)532-4999.

How to Save Money

The 5000 Series rotors are engineered to deliver a uniform spray pattern. This uniform spray pattern delivers a superior distribution, achieving a lush green lawn with less water consumption. The Rain Curtain ™ Nozzles support gentle close-in watering. This eliminates dry spots around the rotor for healthy landscaping with no matting or bending. The Rain Curtain ™ Nozzles create large droplets that are more resist airborne evaporation and misting, which is a leading cause of wasted water. Sprinkler systems in Kearney, MO have a hard time with airborne evaporation. Especially in the open rural areas where there is less wind blockage that other less rural areas.

How Reliable is the Rain Bird 5000

The oversized heavy-duty wiper seal adds value to the 5000 Series Rotor because it prevents leaks and protects internal workings from debris and it never needs replacement. The durable seal also guarantees positive pop-up and retraction every time. The options available for the 5000 Series Rotor include the Seal-A-Matic ™ check valves which hold up to 7’ of elevation change to prevent low head drainage. The PSR models with in-stem pressure regulation optimize pressure without misting and fogging. R&S Lawn and Sprinkler helps maximize your budget with Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors because you gain uncompromising value with better features, performance, and durability. Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors also list at a 41% lower price than the leading competitor. All this value includes a 5 year trade warranty. Sprinkler systems in Kearney, MO are in need of the Rain Bird 5000 Series rotor because of their known reliability.