Sprinkler System Installation in Kansas City, MO

Rain Bird 1800 Series Spray Heads

R&S Lawn and Sprinkler uses Rain Bird Series Spray Heads, the #1 irrigation spray head in the world. It is in backyards and parks all over the Kansas City area. The 1800 Series has unmatched quality. Rain Bird uses reliable, heavy-duty materials to increase its long life. The co-molded wiper seal resists grit, pressure and other environmental factors. The spray heads use proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel parts. In addition, precision controlled flush at pop-down clears the debris from the unit to assure stem retraction no matter the soil type. A Sprinkler System Installation in Kansas City, MO will change how you water your lawn and landscape forever!

Some of the Major Features of a Sprinkler System Installation in Kansas City, MO

The 1800 Series can be used with all Rain Bird spray head nozzles and come with available options like Seal-A-Matic ™ which saves water by eliminating low head drainage at the base of slopes or hillsides. This reduces the wear on system components by decreasing the water hammer during start-up. This feature also ends landscape damage due to erosion and/or flooding. In addition, the optional PRS In-Stem Pressure Regulation is available and can reduce water consumption by up to 50%. How does it save up to 50% of your water consumption? The PRS In-Stem Pressure Regulation eliminates water waste from misting and fogging due to high pressure. It also maintains outlet pressure, ensuring consistent nozzle performance. All of these features insure that your Sprinkler System Installation in Kansas City, MO is cost effective and efficient in the long haul.

R&S Lawn and Sprinkler’s Commitment to You

Give R&S Lawn and Sprinkler a call at (816) 532-4999 or set up an appointment today, to see if using the Rain Bird 1800 Series Spray Heads is the right choice for your landscaping needs. R&S Lawn and Sprinkler has over 20 years of experience Repairing and Sprinkler Systems Installation in Kansas City, MO. Set up your appointment today!