Sprinkler System in the fall

Is Fall a Good Time to Install a Sprinkler System?

Yes! Autumn is a great time to look after your lawn’s needs—and it needs a sprinkler system. Fall is a great time for sprinkler installation because the cooler, drier weather is optimal for the digging that is required to put in a new sprinkler system in Smithville, Missouri. In addition to being the right time for installation, it will also put time and money back into your life.

R&S Lawn Service professionals use one of the most recognized sprinkler systems in the region, the Rain Bird system. The Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor is engineered to be one of the more reliable and best performing in the industry. It creates large droplets that result in a gentle watering and guarantees efficient coverage for your Smithville, Missouri, home. The large droplets resist airborne evaporation, thereby eliminating one of the leading causes of wasted water in a sprinkler system. Because the 5000 Series is engineered to deliver a uniform spray pattern, you can achieve a lush green lawn with less water consumption. In addition, the Rain Curtain Nozzles support close-in watering, eliminating dry spots around the rotor itself.

In addition the Rain Bird 5000 Series is extremely reliable and durable. The oversized wiper seals are heavy-duty and prevent leaks. In addition, the wiper seals also protect the internal workings from debris and it never needs replacing. The seals guarantee positive pop-up and retraction every time, another plus for any sprinkler system. Call R&S Lawn Service today to discuss how installation of the Rain Bird Series 5000 can help you save time and money this fall.