Install a New Sprinkler System in Overland Park, KS

Does your lawn look parched?? Let R&S Lawn & Sprinkler install a sprinkler system in Overland Park, KS, to give your lawn the water it needs to survive the summer heat!

R&S Lawn & Sprinkler understands your lawn and gardens need for H2O!! Don’t let your lawn dry up over the summer. R&S Lawn & Sprinkler has the top quality sprinkler that even come with warranties.  Stop dragging hoses around your lawn and let the R&S professionals install a sprinkler system in Overland Park, KS and cut down on your lawn work! R&S is able to fully service your new sprinkler system for spring turn on and winter shut offs. Our repair techs are skilled and ready to help you when you need it in!  Don’t forget to look at our coupons for a sprinkler install discount!  Come visit our website and other services we offer to help your lawn health.  Let R&S Lawn & Sprinkler bring life to your lawn in Kansas and other surround Kansas City areas.


Why does your lawn need an R&S Sprinkler System??

Glad you Asked! R&S has been installing Rainbird and Hunter Sprinkler systems for over 10 years.  R&S sprinkler will personally customer your sprinkler system so ever inch of your lawn and garden gets the hydration it needs to beat the heat in the summer.  R&S works with customers to provide you with the system you and your lawn needs.  Don’t know how to start up, winterize or have a leak in your system? R&S has professional sprinkler techs that will come and service your system throughout the season in Kansas And Kansas City North areas.   Our customers love their sprinkler systems, read our reviews just click here. Free Sprinkle Install Quotes for Kansas and other surrounding Kansas City North Areas! Apply for a free quote today click here or us a call at 816-532-4999.