small backyard ponds and waterfalls in Smithville

Finches and Frogs!

By using native plants and building upon features such as fruit trees or even native clay soil you can create a finch-friendly environment or even expand your efforts and create a frog pond. The experts at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you install fruit bearing trees or small backyard ponds and waterfalls in Smithville.

Finches in the trees

If you already have fruit bearing trees, you may have seen finches in your yard. The trees provide food, cover, and a nesting area for finches. To attract additional finches R&S will help design a finch’s paradise that includes native plants such as orange coneflower, prairie blazing star, showy goldenrod, rose verbena, and Missouri primrose to name a few. A well-placed birdhouse, a birdbath, or even a bird feeder will further persuade finches to visit your yard this year.

small backyard ponds and waterfalls in SmithvilleThe sweet soothing sounds small backyard ponds and waterfalls in Smithville

Feeling a bit more ambitious than a finch-friendly garden? How about adding small backyard ponds and waterfalls to your Smithville, Missouri yard? R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can design and install this perennial water feature. You don’t need to have a pond in your yard already to achieve a frog fantasy. Your frog pond can be made using a pre-formed structure or a sheet liner with a simple clay bottom for the amphibians to survive the winter successfully. Whether you are starting from scratch or enhancing an existing pond the addition of native plants, like vibrant cardinal flowers, blue lobelia or wild canna with tussock sedge will beautify the new amphibian habitat. In addition, these brilliant native plants thrive in a damp environment and heavy clay soils where many other plant species do not. Small backyard ponds and waterfalls are a great way to give your home a calming atmosphere.

Whether it’s finches or frogs, your friendly professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can include native plants or small backyard ponds and waterfalls your landscaping design to beautify your yard.