Slug and Snail Damage

Slug It to Me!

Slugs and snails can cause a great deal of damage to your yard or garden. These round-the-clock destroyers must be reined in quickly before extensive damage can be done. Slugs and snails aren’t overly selective, so you aren’t just looking to protect a single species of plants. The damage they cause is similar to damage done by other pests, so you have to make sure you are actually treating the correct pest. One way to differentiate and pinpoint snail/slug damage by looking for a mucus trail.

So, what can you do to control the damage? There are a variety of ways to eliminate slugs and snails. If you don’t already have these pests you can purposely use plants that are more resistant to snails and slugs. These pests generally avoid tough plants with rigid leaves because they are harder to eat. Snails and slugs like to may clutter your garden or the border. Think about moving or even eliminating them to make the yard less appealing. Finally, though inconvenient and arduous, you can remove these pests by hand. It’s very effective, but it has to be done regularly.

If you plan to use slug/snail bait, this too will work, but in order to be effective it needs to be placed near the problem areas and sufficiently covered to avoid disruption from other animals. Whatever you decide to use you need to watch that the chemicals do not compromise the plant or its ability to receive nutrients.

Unfortunately, snails and slugs have the ability to become resistant to the bait you use because many pest control products available at local garden centers are not strong enough to control an infestation. While many steps can be taken on your own, sometimes it requires the persistence and determination of a professional lawn care company, like R&S Lawn Service to get the better of the slugs and snails. Give R&S a call today to slug it to the snails and slugs!