Simple landscaping designs

Artful Simplicity is a Great Idea for your Landscape Design

One option when planning for your Smithville, Missouri, spring landscape design is the concept of simple landscaping designs. What does this really mean? Basically, when you are setting up a design and incorporating hardscape or pottery elements into your design you need to remember that when you add a larger number of smaller elements into the landscape. You may actually clutter up the space you are looking to spruce up. Consider adding one large focal piece of art to your yard to draw the eye to a specific place. Accent the larger piece with complimentary plants, décor, or a few pieces of smaller pottery, art, or glass accents. This doesn’t take away from the larger piece or create a cluttered look, but rather a put-together and coordinated concept.

Creating simple landscaping designs

In addition, keep in mind that when you add art or other features to your landscape that they will weather over time. This weathering can add to or detract from the overall design concept you are planning. Planning to use a higher quality item initially may be something you want to consider when budgeting for your landscape. Do you want to invest for something that will wear well and weather gracefully over time and add to the overall design of the landscape initially or is this just the first step towards a longer process of transforming your yard? If so, you may consider a less expensive temporary piece that is somewhat of a placeholder for a piece down the road. The landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service can help you make good design and budgetary decisions. Give them a call today to set up an appointment.