Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO

Benefits of Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO


Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO
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Would you like to save 35% less water and avoid runoff? Think of the money you’ll save on water! R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help with this goal. As a part of their professional lawn care and sprinkler expertise they use and install the MP Rotator. The MP Rotator is an excellent choice for any new system in Gladstone, Missouri, because it provides a coverage flexibility of 5’ to 35’ in radius, it provides increased efficiency for the whole system, and it decreases material costs. If you are revamping an older system the Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO is also an excellent choice. Retrofitting your lawn sprinkler system can solve problems with coverage and with low pressure. This transforms a conventional spray head body or a shrub adapter into a model of efficiency.

Why Should you Switch?

What makes the Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO such a good choice? When paired with the Hunter PRS40 pressure is regulated most efficiently. It is compatible with all spray bodies, which makes it perfect for the upgrade or retrofitting of an older sprinkler system. It is durable. The MR Rotator uses an inlet filter that keeps the system free of debris. The multiple rotating streams eliminate dry spots by providing even coverage and wind resistance. The adjustable arc and radius function allow the Irrigation system to be reduced by up to 25%. The patented double-pop nozzle keeps the sprinkler head free from debris from the outside.

Contact the Professionals

R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help solve the traditional problems related to poor coverage: dry spots; flooding; and runoff. Traditional spray heads cannot deliver uniformity. Over watering is the only way to guarantee that the driest areas get enough water to keep the lush green landscape. In addition, traditional spray heads use about 1.6 in/hr which contributes to runoff and flooding because soils in Gladstone, Missouri, are unable to absorb water that quickly. The MP Rotator is available in 0.4 in/hr and 0.8 in/hr options, which the soils in our area can absorb easily. Give R&S a call today (816) 532-4999 to set up an appointment to discuss installing a Rain Bird MP Rotator in Gladstone, MO.