Prepare for a beautiful spring garden in the fall

Give your Spring Garden Some Unique Highlights with Fall Planting Tips!

Spring planting beds often yield hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, and iris, but what if you were able to plant some more unique bulbs in the fall that will yield some beauties in the spring that aren’t so “ordinary?” There are some options that are not quite as well known that will brighten up your spring in a variety of ways. Consider having the professionals at R&S Lawn Service work some of these into your fall planting design for spring time beauty.

Glory of the Snow is a small, ground-hugging bulb that yields delicate pink and white flowers. These sweet beauties often bloom even if there is still snow on the ground, giving them their name. Adding additional color to the late winter, early spring garden is the Winter Aconite. These grown from small tubers (not quite a bulb, but we’re counting them!) and they produce bright yellow flowers that will brighten even the dreariest of late winter/early spring days. Another late winter/early spring bloomer is the Snowdrop. They produce single, drooping white flowers that have a delicate appearance, but are really hearty souls.

Spring-blooming anemones are a bright red with a dark colored center that like slightly acidic soils and do well in partial shade. There are height variations among the anemones and there are shorter varieties that are just perfect for rock gardens. Their cousin, the “Black-eyed Beauty” is a stunning flower with two layers of pure white petals that complement the pale silver-blue center.

If you have a shady, wooded area that needs a pick-me-up, try adding Dog’s Tooth Violet. Despite its really unusual name, it is not violet nor is it shaped like a dog’s tooth! However, these lovely soft yellow flowers have dark green leaves that will make them pop out against the shade or the trees. This gives you an option for those places in the planting bed that are up against the wooded areas of the yard and just beg for some color.

Give the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn Service a call today to design and schedule the planting of unique fall bulbs to make your spring bright and exciting.