Pond Maintenance in Kearney, MO

September Pond Maintenance

The beautiful pond you landscaped or added to your Kearney, Missouri hardscape will need some time and attention. As always you still want to pay particular attention to the edges of the pond to limit or eliminate any decaying materials so you don’t have an algae explosion. However, fall often requires more than a quick once over.

Evaluate the plants that are growing in and around the edges (and the pond itself) and look to see they haven’t taken over the pond. If it looks like an invading army is marching across the pond’s surface, you will need to thin the plants out. Don’t just grab them and toss them on the compost pile. Instead leave them alongside the edge of the pond for at least a day to allow any aquatic wildlife the chance to find their way back into the water. As you are working with the aquatic plants remember that like their garden-bound friends the lilies and iris may need to be divided if they are crowded.

As the leaves begin to fall in September it may seem like an impossible task to keep all the leaves out of the water and off the edges. Consider covering your pond with netting early in September. This will keep leaves and other plant debris from entering the water, thus eliminating the chance that their decomposition would release gases that could harm local wildlife in and around the pond. Look for a fine-mesh netting so the little leaves don’t find their way int the pond and defeat the purpose of the netting. Make sure you get all the leaves and debris off the surface of the pond before placing the netting. The netting can be secured using bricks, landscape staples or even fencing wire.

This can be a bit overwhelming for the backyard enthusiast, but the professionals at R&S Lawn Service would be happy to come out and help you plan for a healthy fall for your pond. Give the landscape professionals at R&S a call today.