Planting peas in Platte City, Missouri

Peas Please!

Despite the heat and the fact that our Platte City, Missouri gardens resemble an alien landscape if they aren’t getting enough water, August is an important month for our gardens. Peas, herbs, and flowers all play a role in August gardening.

August is the perfect time to plant some fall peas. Besides providing a wonderful crop it also provides an added bonus for spring. The peas’ roots will add or fix nitrogen into the soil which is beneficial for spring planting. There is one important difference to keep in mind when planting fall peas; you need to plant them twice as deep as spring-planted peas. Planting the seeds too shallow causes them to dry out before they germinate. It also keeps the seeds cool.

The heat, however, is good for herbs and flowers if you’re planning on drying or preserving them. The optimal time to gather herbs is during the mid-morning hours after the dew has dried off the herbs themselves. This prevents extra moisture on the flowers and herbs which could encourage mildew, thus making the flowers and herbs unusable. You also don’t want to wait too late in the day either because the intense heat and sun will cause them to wilt. Wilting and drying are not the same.

Whether it’s peas, herbs, or flowers that need attention in the garden, the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service are always happy to help you cultivate the future! Give R&S a call today to set up a consultation.