Planning your Spring Landscape

I’m Dreaming of a Fresh Garden…

What do you envision for your outdoor space in the spring? Right now, your yard is brown and lying dormant, but in the spring your Kearney, Missouri, yard could be vibrant and exciting with some careful planning now. Designing a landscape is a lot like designing a house. You have to have a plan. Plants and hardscape features, like the various rooms in a house, need to have a logical placement and flow to them.

Do you have two seemly separate garden spaces right now? You can bring them together by adding a simple, winding path to your design. Make a style statement with an arbor, a door, or just a subtle change in the texture of the surface you walk on. Consider the placement of a garden in an area where the tools for gardening are close at hand to make your personal gardening experience easier. (Of course, you can have all your gardening maintenance needs cared for by the lawn care professionals at R&S). Do you have a space to store the needs for your garden? Does this need to be build-in or part of the design?

Have you ever dreamed about having a lovely gazebo in your garden? Would you like to have a central place for entertaining family, friends, and business associates? Thinking about all of these things during the cold time of winter can make the planning and implementing of these ideas easier in the spring. Consult the landscape design professionals at R&S this winter to plan for spring and summer enjoyment.