Planning your lawn and Landscape in Platte City, Missouri

Spring Planning Begins Now!

As you sit in your cozy living room in Platte City, Missouri, looking out at the bare, dead yard it may seem like spring and the growing season is far away. However, when you are longing for the beauty of spring, it’s a great time to start planning for the spring season. Where do you want to begin? What gardening adventures do you envision? What ideas do you have? Now is the perfect time to let those creative juices flow and begin your personal planning and your professional planning with the landscape experts at R&S Lawn Service.

What do you need to do first? Take stock of your current yard or garden. What do you already have in your garden and overall landscape? Do you want to keep these features or do you want to start with a fresh slate? Ask yourself an essential question: What works with my yard now and what doesn’t? Do you have mature trees that provide shade for the yard and the house that you definitely want to keep and work into the new design plan? Do you currently have an existing patio? Does this patio add to the overall positive feel of your yard and landscape or does it need to be replaced?

What do you want to do in your garden and yard? In the spring, summer, and fall would you like to have a space designed for family meals, picnics, and just relaxing time outside? What features could transform your outside space into a getaway and haven? Now that all these questions are on the table take the time to look outside and think seriously about how some simple or complex changes in your yard could change the whole attitude of your time outside. Then give the landscape design experts and R&S Lawn Service a call and set up an appointment to begin the planning process.