Planning your garden in October

October Garden Planning

By October most people are ready to call it quits with their gardens in North Kansas City, MO, but there’s still time to enjoy the cooler weather and the fall colors. Fall color can come in many ways, so the first thing to think about is your existing landscape. Do you have any fall plants already in place that you are enhancing?

If you are adding fall color for the first time what accents are you looking to make? Are you highlighting a garden wall, a trellis, or pergola? Are you adding pops of color in containers? Or are you filling an entire fall bed? Is the space you have large or small?

Rather than a little bit of this and a little bit of that it’s a good idea to create a fall design plan. Where do you start? The landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service would be happy to help you assess the possibilities by looking at your hardscape features, your existing landscape and trees, and making a recommendation.

Naturally upon consultation you can always plan forward with different stages of your landscape design to work within your budget. Call R&S Lawn Service to get the ball rolling.