Plan for the spring in North Kansas City, MO

Practicality Meets Artistic Elements in the Garden

As you plan for the spring in North Kansas City, MO, home consider how to combine beauty and artistry with the practicality of a new design. The landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service can definitely help you with both of these challenges.

Plan for the spring in North Kansas City, MO

While it may seem like common sense, you need to ask yourself what fits your personality when setting up a design for your landscaping needs. If you are a person who enjoys a cup of coffee on the patio in the morning so you can watch the birds and butterflies, then incorporating elements that make this comfortable and inviting are vital. When you plan for the spring in North Kansas City, MO you should be able to decide what are your needs and wants. What is affordable?  The adding of a fire pit to a design when you are only an early morning person, doesn’t make sense, even if it’s a popular hardscape design element. Adding a glass sculpture just because it was on sale is another way to get away from design that expresses who you are and what you want your garden areas to express about you.

Naturally, no matter want you decide to do you have to consider the more practical elements of safety and convenience. Adding a winding path through your landscape might be just the thing to bring two different areas together visually, but can you walk on the path without tripping, even at night? Are your pavestones smooth and easy to traverse or slick? If you’ve adding any furniture to your designed patio, is it easy to store over the winter? Is it comfortable? Would adding a set of cushions make it more comfortable? Do you have a low-maintenance water feature, like a fountain or a higher maintenance piece? Is the artistry worth the extra work?

Discuss all of these and more with the professionals at R&S Lawn Service when you call and make an appointment today.