Overseeding Lawns in Kansas City

Fall is the best time for overseeding lawns in Kansas City

The time of the year has come for overseeding lawns in Kansas City and fill in those bare or thin areas of grass. The good folks at R&S Lawn & Sprinkler are here and can help you grow beautiful new grass for a lush, green yard.

For overseeding lawns in Kansas City to be the most effective you should first mow the grass lower than you normally would to allow your new grass seed to hit the soil. Overseeding after you aerate is the best option so that your soil is less compact and gives the grass seed the best chance to grow.


Putting the seed down is fairly simple. Just load it up in a spreader and be sure to cover the entire yard evenly. If some areas are more bare than others, you may put down more seed in those areas but be cautious of how much! You don’t want the grass growing unevenly in the yard. It just looks odd. After you put down your seed, spread a starter fertilizer to jump start the growth of the new seed. Nurturing the seed in the earliest stage is the most important step in growing new grass. Be sure to water regularly afterward to help keep it growing.

If you are looking for the new, green lawn you’ve always wanted, contact R&S Lawn & Sprinkler at 816-532-4999. You can also check out our full lawn renewal program on our web page.