Ornamental Fall Plants in Kansas City, Missouri

Fall Foliage Tips 

There are some standards that come to mind when you think about Fall Foliage and Ornamental Fall Plants in Kansas City, Missouri. The mum and aster are two of these. However, there are many options to consider adding to your fall garden that can bring vibrant color and dynamic foliage to your Kansas City, Missouri, fall landscape. The landscape professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you sort through profusion of choices to find just the right plants for your fall landscape.

Ornamental Fall Plants in Kansas City, Missouri

When you think of kale, you might be thinking of a salad fixture. However, did you know that ornamental kale is a spectacularly showy plant that enjoys cool temperatures? Plant it early in the fall and enjoy the brilliant colors throughout the whole season. It is a plant that looks forward to the first frost! The color changes and intensifies with the first few frosts. Kale’s leaves vary from pink and purple to green and white. Depending on the variety the leaves can be flat, ruffled or even curly, all adding dimension and depth to your fall landscape. In the same line are the ornamental cabbages. They are similar to the ornamental kale and they also can add some wonderful color to your garden bed or fall container.Ornamental Fall Plants in Kansas City, Missouri

If you are looking for something distinctive, colorful, but not flowery, the ornamental peppers may be just what you’re looking for to add that pop of color to your landscape. These little peppers turn orange, red, white, yellow or even purple. While they are technically edible, most are grown for their pretty colors. If you are handling these plants or touching the fruit you want to make sure to wear gloves, because these peppers aren’t messing around—they are very hot!

Consider adding ornamental grasses, such as Northern sea oats, to your landscaping. Their distinctive flat, drooping seed heads start out green, but will change over the course of the fall to a purple-brown. At their full height of between two and three feet tall they can be an excellent accent to a container or even a backdrop to other fall beauties. Contact R&S Lawn Service to make an appointment to discuss meeting the needs of your fall landscaping today!