Liming Lawns in Smithville

The first step in your lawn renewal will be the process of liming. Liming lawns in Smithville helps to balance the acidic pH levels in your soil. If your soil has too high of a pH level, it will not grow well and will not be as healthy. If you’re worried about your lawns healthy growth, the professionals at R&S Lawn & Sprinkler will come to the rescue.



How and Why Should I Be Liming Lawns in Smithville?

Living in the Midwest means a mix of rainy and dry summers. All of that rain causes plants that grow well in acidic soil to flourish. Your soils pH level is best when it’s between 6 and 7. Anything less than 5.5 and your yard will not be healthy.  If you have trees that drop anything, (examples would be acorns, walnuts, whirly birds, etc.), these items disintegrate and cause your soil to become to acidic. Liming lawns in Smithville help to bring the pH levels to a healty level for your lawn.

How To Lime Your Yard

Here at R&S, we use a granular pellet rather than the powder forms of lime. Apply the lime by walking back and forth across the yard with a push buggy, evenly spacing your lines so that you ensure full coverage of your grass. If you want to rely on professional, quality liming and other lawn renewal services, contact us or call R&S Lawn & Sprinkler at 816-532-4999.