Late summer bloomers in Smithville, Missouri

Star-Studded Late Summer Bloomers

August seems late to add flowers to your garden, but it really is the perfect time to add some star-studded beauties like sweet peas, Marguerites, Angel’s Fishing rod, Tassel flowers, coneflowers, bedding verbenas or late-flowering clematis to your Smithville, Missouri yard.

Sweet peas are August showstoppers. These sun-loving beauties bloom from summer to early fall and they bear slightly scented flowers. Sweet peas come in many varieties from pint to blue to white. Their small, wavy flowers are great to indoor or outdoor as they make great cut flowers.

Marguerites are not as hardy as Sweet peas, but they are delightful shrub-like bushes that have small daisy-like flowers continuously from summer to fall. This subshrub has fine, blue gray leaves year-round as well, so it makes a great anchor plant for any landscape design.

Angel’s fishing rods are a graceful evergreen perennial. This lovely upright flower produces bell-shaped flowers in shades from pale pint to bright magenta. The flowers are atop slender stalks making them a touch of whimsy along the back edges of a sunny flower bed. These lovely perennials divide and will need to be split every three to four years. Bonus flowers or the start of a new landscape direction!

Another tall summer beauty is the Tassel flower. These brilliant crimson-purple flowers hand as tassels (hence the name!) from light green leaves with interestingly contrasting red or purple stems. These flowers can also transition into the house, but instead of cut flowers, they make a dynamic addition to a dried flower arrangement.

From mid-to-late summer until fall coneflowers make a showy appearance in your garden. These flowers are sun loving, but they don’t mind partial sun areas of the garden. These flowers bear large, single white flowers with an orange center. They will set a second set of blooms if they are cut back after they first bloom and the flowers start to fade.

Most flowers that have stood out in the garden have been tall and showy, but there are definitely some short and sweet flowers to add to your flower beds for the late summer and early fall. The begging verbena is a compact but upright flower whose blossoms range from white to rose-pink to scarlet with many color mixtures in between. Deadheading these little flowers will encourage more flowers as well.

One last late summer standout is social climber! The late-flowering clematis has a wide variety of climbing options from small, flowered vines to large flowered climbers. There are all manner of colors as well, providing many options. These climbers average between six and ten feet tall. However, the granddaddy of them all is the Paul Farges variety which has wite petals and spindly yellow centers that can grow up to 28 feel tall and spread out up to 10 feet wide.

If you are undecided as to what will fit best into your existing landscape, let the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn Service come out and do a consultation to help you decide what sweet showy flowers would complement your garden best.