Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MO

Going Native in Missouri!

There are many choices to make when considering what type of Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MO to put in your landscaping plan. Have you considered plants native to Missouri? Why choose native plants when landscaping? Plants that call Missouri home are adapted to the climate and soils. They require little or no irrigation and seldom require fertilizer or pesticides. Including native plants in your landscape can be as simple as adding one or two plants to an existing flower bed or planning all the landscaping around using native plants. R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you with all your landscaping questions.

Native Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MO

If you decide to add native Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MO to an existing bed, the professionals at R&S can help you find just the right ones for the space and sunlight. If you are landscaping for the first time R&S can walk around with you and gauge what is already in place, and look at options for adding additional trees, shrubs, and plants as well as planning around future or existing walkways, driveways, and patios. As you are looking at designing, the professional staff at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler will help you think in layers. Start landscaping with the trees, thinking about the height you are looking for and how much shade it will create. Do you want more than one layer of trees? Native perennials, such as red columbine, that enjoy shade will thrive in the filtered sunlight created by the trees’ canopy.

Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MODesigning Landscapes

If you are looking at a more prairie-like environment, such as in Platte City, Missouri, you will need to discuss landscaping with native plants like black-eyed Susans or Indian paintbrush that like the full, direct sunlight. These flowers are likely to attract birds, butterflies, and even small mammals. You may even want to discuss adding a patio to enjoy the view. R&S can definitely help with the planning and installing your Landscaping Plants in Platte City, MO. Call R&S (816)532-4999 to set up a landscaping planning session.