Landscaping in Kansas City

Looking to Change the Look of Your Yard?

What creates a visual impact for your landscaping in Kansas City? Take a good look at your landscaping before you answer. Are you looking to shape your Kansas City, Missouri yard? Are you looking to draw attention to a specific area of your yard? The landscape professionals at R&S are available to help you you’re your design dilemma. From a designing point of view the edging you choose to use in your landscaping creates the interesting visual separation between your lawn and the various other features, such as flower beds and water features.

So Many Edging Styles to Choose From!

Edging serves a practical purpose, not just a stylistic purpose. It keeps grass from creeping into your plant beds. There are a wide variety of edging materials available to use. Plastic edging is inexpensive, but may need to be replaced at regular intervals, so consider that when looking at your design options. Other edging options include metal, concrete, and bricks. Pavers give a nice shape and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes which gives you more options when designing that special space. Each of these options is sturdier than the plastic and offer varying looks of landscaping in Kansas City. What if you want to go with a more natural look? There are certainly natural options available. Wood is a rustic choice. It offers an aesthetic tie to the trees around it. However, remember that if you use wood that isn’t treated it may rot and need to be replaced more often. Using treated wood is always an option, but often treated wood loses some of its natural looking appeal. When looking for a durable, rugged, natural option, consider stone. Stone gives a simple look while adding a solid structure that will enhance your bedding areas.

How can we help

When considering edging, you need to know and understand what edging is needed and when it’s needed. The professionals at R&S will certainly make recommendations when installing your landscaping in Kansas City. Discuss your personal preferences with the R&S when designing the landscaping. When installing a landscaping bed, it may be just fine to use mulch versus edging. This gives the landscape a more rugged look without the added cost of edging. However, if you have choses a landscape that features rock, the professionals at R&S strongly suggest that you separate your rock bed from your grass. Rock will migrate into the grass over time and become a mowing hazard—one that could endanger your windows. Call R&S Lawn and Sprinkler today at (816)532-4999 to set up a free landscaping consultation.