Landscape Edging in Kearney, MO

Landscape Edging in Kearney, MO

When you look out at your yard and envision what needs to be done to transform it into a beautiful, engaging, entertaining environment, it can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? The first thing you need to do is decide what you want. Are you looking to shape your yard? The landscaping professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can help you design your bedding spaces. Shaping plant is done using a variety of lawn edging materials. Landscape Edging in Kearney, MO should be done by the professionals here at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler.

How can Edging improve your yards look

From an aesthetic viewpoint the edging is a line that creates an interesting visual separation between your yard and your plant beds. It also serves a functional purpose of keeping grass from creeping into your plant beds. What kind of lawn edging materials appeal to you? There are some natural options available. Choosing natural stone is a good option when you are looking for long lasting durability and a rugged look. The uniform shape of pavers creates a uniform border around a bedding space. Wood is another natural material, but remember to make sure it is treated or it will rot. Treated wood is an option, but the preservative treatment leaves it looking less natural. In addition to natural options there are also metal, plastic, concrete, and brick edging to consider. You can discuss all of these options with an R&S Lawn and Sprinkler professional.

Why you should talk to the professionals

When considering edging it is important to know what edging is needed and when. For different types of Landscape bedding its crucial to understand why we suggest edging when the professionals at R&S install your landscaping. First, when installing a landscaping bed with mulch it is OK with out edging. This gives the landscape bed more of a rugged look and also may save you some money. On the other hand, if you have chosen a landscape bed with rock we Strongly suggest having that edging to separate your rock bed from your grass. The reason we say this is because over time your landscape beds will move and if rock gets into your grass, we do not want you to have to replace any windows! So call your expert Landscape designer at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler at (816) 532-4999 to come and install your personalized Landscape Edging in Kearney, MO today!