Keep mowing the grass even if it’s hot in Kearney

Don’t Stop Mowing Just Because It Is Hot!

Yes, it’s August and yes, it’s hot, hot, hot. Please do not stop mowing your yard. The heat will certainly slow down the rapid growth of the grass in Kearney, Missouri, but don’t just let it go. Allowing the grass to get too tall invites a host of pests and even rodents to make their homes in your yard. Naturally, these pests are not good for your lawn and won’t add any benefit to your overall landscape.

So, what should you be doing? You still need to follow the general mowing rules. To keep your lawn healthy you need to make sure you only remove approximately one-third of the grass height (so letting it get 6 inches tall means you would only remove 2 inches with a single mow, still leaving a 4 inch lawn—which is still too tall). The change in your regular mowing plan comes with the idea to leave all the grass clippings on the lawn. Go ahead and take the bag off the mower and the clippings will act as a mulch for the grass. This helps to retain moisture in the soil and returns organic matter to the soil at the same time.

If you already have a regular lawn maintenance plan set up with the lawn care professionals at R & S Lawn Service, they will work with you to make sure that your lawn stays happy, healthy, and at a good height during these brutal August days. Give R&S a call today to discuss your lawn’s needs.