Indoor Plants – Kansas City

Indoor Plants - Kansas CityIndoor Plants – Kansas City

The end of summer is a bit nostalgic for many people that’s where Indoor Plants – Kansas City come into play. They fondly remember the days sitting on their patio and gazing at their beautiful planting beds and all the glorious color the spring and summer flowers provide. However, the end of the summer season and the gradual transition to fall and winter doesn’t have to mean that it’s an end to the good times with your summer flowers. It does mean that you might have to relocate the flowers to a warmer place for the cooler weather. If you are a fan of year-round plants there is definitely a way to make that work, even if you live in Kansas City, Missouri. You don’t have to settle for the garden variety houseplants, although they can be quite lovely and colorful themselves. Many plants are fairly flexible about living indoors versus outdoors. The key to year-round enjoyment is using containers. Containers, large and small can be moved inside as soon as the cool winds blow and can ride out the fall and winter inside.

Herbs and Spices

What types of Indoor Plants – Kansas City can you put in containers and move between the two environments? There are a variety of plants, not just flowers that like to make the trip inside for the winter. For example, why not grow lettuce inside? Most of the greens that we consume are grown in greenhouses, so why shouldn’t you grow some for yourself? It takes some work, but these container-friendly plants can provide salad all winter long. In addition, you might consider small containers of herbs. There is nothing better than adding fresh herbs to soups, stews, salads, and breads and growing Indoor Plants – Kansas City is a good option. You need to make sure you keep them trimmed and find them a home in full sunlight. In a transition between the edible and the beautiful, how about planting some peppers in a pot? They are colorful and even edible. They will warm up your winter months whether you eat them or just enjoy looking at them.

Using Containers to Bring Summer Inside for the Winter!

If you’re looking for something purely decorative option try a classic, the geranium. Indoor Plants – Kansas City the geranium will bloom all year round. Before the first frost you need to find it a nice, sunny south-facing window. This works especially well when you originally plant the geraniums in a container to start off the planting season. Try something new like a jasmine plant. This is a fragrant vine that will grow well indoors or outdoors. This plant likes sunny places and will give off a wonderful scent for your home. If you’re looking for a burst of color through the winter try the vibrant fuchsia. These bright-colored flowers will thrive inside as long as you find a spot with good light!

The thing you need to remember is that when you are planning your landscape and think about using containers, you can plan ahead and think about having flowers all year round. The landscape design professionals at R&S can help you create a landscape design that incorporates containers into your overall landscape design.