Hunter Sprinkler Heads in Leawood KS

hunter sprinkler heads in Leawood KSHunter SRS

The SRS Hunter Sprinkler Heads in Leawood KS are compatable with virtually any standard nozzle. The SRS lets you take advantage of a spray that offers Hunter quality no matter what nozzle you use. Install the adjustable arc nozzles Hunter in tandem with the SRS Hunter Sprinkler Heads in Leawood KS. Either way, you will receive a unrivaled spray. One whose rugged body cap design will stand up to heavy traffic in public areas. The SRS’s performance delivers the most effective coverage possible, thanks to a no-flow-by wiper seal. The no-flow-by wiper seal that allows your system to handle low-pressure just as expertly as high pressure.  The SRS is compatible with all standard nozzles, accepting popular female-threaded nozzles. It has a standard side inlet, a ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment, and stainless steel springs that ensure reliable retraction year after yea


SRS Hunter Sprinkler Heads in Leawood KS Uses

Hunter Sprinkler Heads in Leawood KS (SRS spray heads) pare well with Hunter MP rotators. The SRS spray heads are good for this style of nozzle because they are very spread out over the yard. When ever there is a change in elevation this changes the pressure in the pipes by .433 per foot of elevation. If you are looking to install a Sprinkler system in your yard with a high elevation it is important to regulate the pressure to assure that each sprinkler head is putting out an equal amount of water

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