Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood KS

Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood KSHunter I-20 Rotor

R&S can help you find the right rotor for your yard’s needs. The Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood has many features that will help optimize the efficiency of your lawn sprinkler system. The I-20 rotor comes in a variety of sizes from shrub to the 12” pop-up rotors. The 4” and 6” rotors also come in stainless steel for a durability that can’t be beat.

The Components of the Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood

The head covers are thick rubber which allows through-the-top arc adjustment. The head allows easy radius adjustment as well. Additionally, it has an automatic arc return, returns the original arc no matter where the turret is turns. Also, the Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood sports a patented non-reversing 360 cycle that continuously turns 360 degrees in a counterclockwise motion. In addition, the I-20 Rotor contains a patented non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism. This allows the turret to be turned without causing damage.

Flow Stop

Add all the marvelous features together and you’ll see that the Hunter I-20 will save money in future repair costs. R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can add a Flo-Stop ® control to the Hunter I-20 Rotor in Leawood to stop the follow of water to a single sprinkler head while the system is running. This allows maintenance to be conducted without interrupting the entire watering schedule during a scheduled maintenance time. Let R&S Lawn and Sprinkler help you add the Hunter I-20 to your irrigation system today by calling them at (816)532-4999 or set up an appointment today by clicking here.