How to use mulch in the fall

Using Mulch in the Fall

Mulch is primarily used in the fall and plays a very important role. You could say that mulching in the fall is critical for beautiful, healthy plants in the spring. When the trees are in full color is an ideal time to mulch. Mulch can be viewed as a warm winter blanket for plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees. It provides a cozy barrier between the plants, the cold, and any surface snow or ice. Insulating the root system keeps the plants warmer overall and healthier.

Mulch is most effective when mounded around the base of trees or shrubs. R&S Lawn Service can help you decide what kind of mulch will be most effective for your landscaping needs. Do you want to use a bark mulch, such as pine or cedar bark or a wood bark in shades of red, brown or black? Naturally, it depends on your current landscape or the fresh landscape that you are designing with the professionals at R&S.

Because mulch is designed to protect the plants, you might be tempted to leave the old mulch on the bed or around the trees and just add more. Don’t give into to temptation! If you don’t remove the old mulch before applying the new mulch this can cause the plants to suffer from rot, it can block nutrients from getting to the plants and ultimately, the plants can die. Therefore, remove as much of the old mulch as you can before applying a fresh, healthy layer. The lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn Service can do all this for you, saving you precious time. Give them a call today!