How to seed your lawn in Kearney, MO

It’s time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn for Fall!

Would you like to know how to seed your lawn in Kearney, MO? It’s almost fall and that means that it’s time to think about preparing your lawn for the winter! Are there bare or thinning spots in your lawn? If so, you should consider over seeding your lawn. To over seed your Kearney, Missouri, lawn you need to mow your grass shorter than you would normally cut it. This allows your new grass seed to find its way to the soil, and not get stuck in taller grass. Over seeding after you

have aerated your yard is the best way to give your new seed a good start. If you do not know how to seed your lawn in Kearney, MO and don’t have time to aerate and over seed yourself? Give the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn Service a call to set up an appointment for these important steps to a healthy lawn.

Seeding your lawn is fairly simple. You will fill the seed spreader and generously cover the entire yard. If some areas are more sparse than others you can certainly add additional seed, but don’t put too much down. The grass may grow in an unevenly if you aren’t cautious. After you apply the seed evenly over the yard you will want to go back over the yard to spread fertilizer. This gives the seed the extra nutrients it needs to get a good start to growing. In addition, you want to make sure you are watering in a way that is beneficial to the new grass. If this sounds like more work than you really want to do, contact R&S Lawn Service and ask about setting up the services you need to have that lush lawn without all the time out of your weekend!