How to prepare for spring, in the fall

Fall Bulb Planting for a Classically Beautiful Spring

Everyone loves spring flowers, but not all spring flowers get planted in the spring. The effort required to plant the bulbs in the fall will yield riotous color in the spring. There are a large variety of bulbs you can plant in the fall. Hyacinths, Daffodils, Tulips, and Iris are some of the classic beauties that require a fall planting for spectacular spring results. Consulting the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn Service can make the decision making and planting much easier!

One of the smallest spring beauties is one of the most fragrant as well. The purple Hyacinths are a delicate flower with tiny purple-blue flowers that are perfect for the edges of planting beds or even containers. They will peak through the snow and provide the first welcome sign that spring really is on the way!

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. You can plant a dozen or a hundred bulbs and this sunny classic will brighten your spring considerably. Not all daffodils are a sunny yellow either. Try the “Satin Pink” bulb for an eye-catching pure white daffodil with a pale pink central cup for some variety. Another spring favorite that begins as a bulb is the tulip. The number of varieties of tulips is almost unlimited and you can find flowers with a large variety of colors, petal shapes (ruffles, for example), and even stripes. Depending upon the variety planted you can have tulips blooming from the beginning of spring all the way to late spring. Make sure to mention your preferences when you are discussing fall planting and spring flower beds!

In addition to the daffodils and tulips another spring classis is the Iris. Like the daffodils and the tulips the iris is available in a wide variety of colors and the variations from a single to a double bloom that gives these spiky giants real presence in your planting beds. They are excellent flowers to put in the back of a bed or against the house as a color accent. Don’t forget to coordinate your colors and designs with the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn Service. Call today to plan your Spring garden!