Gardening Style is a thing

Is Gardening Style a Thing?

Gardening Style is definitely a thing! When creating a design for your garden projects keep in mind that you will enjoy your Smithville, Missouri, yard more if it has a cohesive style and isn’t a combination of mix-and-match styles. Often times you find one piece of this you like and another piece of something else you like, but your landscape becomes more of a hodgepodge of a design than a cohesive design. The design specialists at R&S Lawn Service will be happy to help you find and define your outdoor style as you are working to create a landscape design to implement in the spring.

Your garden’s style provides a theme that ties the different parts of your landscape together. Your design approach should match your own personality and tastes and fit your lifestyle. The choice of appropriate materials is an important task. Your budget is one such consideration. Choose materials that fit your budget as well as your tastes, but also the practical needs for your design. Select any coverings for your garden floors and walls just like you would if you were redoing a room in your house—color, texture, durability, and ease of use are all important when looking at your yard remodeling.

Don’t forget to factor in maintenance when you are looking into your gardening style. An arbor with a climbing rose might be beautiful and set the stage for a relaxing place in your garden, but remember the gardening needs of the space under the arbor (grass or even a mulch or pebble) and the needs of the rose itself (guidance and trimming) before settling on a specific element.

Visit with the professionals at R&S Lawn Service to determine what kind of gardening style you have!