Gardening is still crutial in the fall

Fall in Northwestern Missouri

September ushers in at least the prospect of fall in our Platte City, Missouri gardens. There is a gradual shrinking of the daylight hours and the angle of the sun shifts too. Sometimes the weather mirrors August and sometimes it mirrors April or May. It’s the quality and quantity of the light that really determines and ushers in the beginning of autumn. Take advantage of the daylight hours to continue to care for your garden, prepare for fall and enjoy the late summer, early-fall flowers.

It may be starting to get cooler but that doesn’t mean that your garden responsibilities have lessened. The weeds have not taken a break, nor are they dormant yet, so keeping them in check in your garden is still a priority so they don’t take over.

The weather can change in a blink of an eye from hot and humid to cool and cloudy. Take advantage of clear days to walk or sit in your garden and admire the way the sun glistens off your asters, the goldenrod and the other fall foliage as the trees slowly begin their autumnal color change.

If fall weeds in the garden get in the way of enjoying the fall, maybe it’s time to call the professionals at R&S Lawn Service to schedule regular maintenance that gives you back your evenings and weekends to enjoy the well-deserved break?