Fire Pits in Gladstone

New Fire Pits in Gladstone 

Crisp fall evenings in Gladstone, Missouri, call for sweaters, friends, family, and a fire pit. Backyard fire pits in gladstone are one of the most attractive hardscaping ideas. This popular landscaping feature is not just attractive, it’s functional too. Fire Pits in Gladstone provide a great gathering place for family and friends. So, how do you go about designing and building a fire pit? Naturally, you want to decide whether or not you want to use stone or brick or even concrete as the most visible surface of your fire pit. The fire pit area should be designed to complement the rest of your landscaping and any other hardscaping you have in your yard.

What you’ll need for Fire Pits in Gladstone!

Logistically, you need to have a flat, level area around 25 feet from your house and/trees for your fire pit. Make sure to check with your local government to determine what the requirements are, so you meet all building codes. The experts at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can knowledgeably navigate the building requirements, saving you headaches and problems later on. If you decide to use natural stone, you will want to mix the sizes and shapes of the stones. Once the stones are in place they can be shaped to enhance the overall design of your space and eliminate jagged edges. R&S Lawn and Sprinkler can handle all the detail work so that you can be sitting back and enjoying that new fire pit in no time. Call today at (816)532-4999 to set up an appointment!