Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer in Smithville, MO

As the weather begins to get better it’s time to think about scheduling spring lawn services with R & S Lawn & Sprinkler. The application of a pre-emergent and fertilizer in Smithville, MO are a spring time must. A pre-emergent in Smithville, MO, kills weeds before they break through the soil’s surface. It is vital to schedule the application before the seeds germinate and weeds make an ugly appearance. Eliminating the spring crop of weeds enhances your yard’s beautyand definitely makes for an easier summer – not fighting weeds. In addition, spring is a great time to start thinking about the application of fertilizer in Smithville, MO.  It’s important to meet your yard’s nutritional needs in order to have a full, healthy lawn throughout the spring and summer. Fertilizing your lawn gives grass the nutrients for deep rooting and strong, full blades of grass. R & S Lawn & Sprinkler employees know the needs of our clay soils. Homeowner’s can complete a soil nutritional analysis through a purchase of a soil analysis kit from a local home improvement store.


Is Fertilizer In Smithville, MO Really Important?

The short answer is, yes. It is important for the health of your lawn. Your lawn needs the proper nutrients to thrive in Northwest Missouri conditions. This means that there needs to be a balance that must be maintained between what nutrients are in the soil and what needs to be professionally supplemented. R & S Lawn and Sprinkler has a 6 or 7 step fertilizer program that will leave your lawn looking green and lush by the end of the season.  Fertilizing at the proper time, with the proper ingredients, and the proper amount is crucial.  Let R & S Lawn & Sprinkler help meet your lawn’s needs.  Click here to contact us or call us today!!  We want to help! 816-532-4999