Feeding your grass with fertilizer

Feed Me!

By August, your lawn can use a good meal, but you need to be careful what you feed the lawn. Feeding your lawn generally means fertilizing it. There are two types of fertilizer, high nitrogen content fertilizer and high-phosphorus content fertilizer. Which one is right for your Kansas City, Missouri lawn?

In the late summer adding a high-nitrogen fertilizer can literally burn your lawn. Yes, it will create a sudden growth spurt of the yard, but this tender growth cannot survive the heat and dry weather of August and it likely will die off. So, if nitrogen-based will do damage to your lawn, what should you feed your lawn?

Your lawn is longing for a fertilizer that has a high-phosphorus content! Instead of encouraging a quick growth of the grass, the high-phosphorus fertilizer doesn’t affect growth above ground at all. Instead, the phosphorus promotes root growth. This root growth toughens up the grass for the winter that will eventually come.

Phosphorous based fertilizers are usually labeled as a fall lawn treatment. Don’t let the label or calendar fool you, this is a great opportunity to give your yard a healthy boost. Don’t guess about how much to apply. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and use a fertilizer spreader for even results!

The lawn care specialists at R & S Lawn Service would be happy to eliminate the guess work from your lawn’s needs by setting up a thorough maintenance plan. Give them a call today!