Fall Trees in Gladstone

Planting Shrubs and Trees in the Fall!

Should you plant shrubs and trees in Northwest Missouri, the fall? Simply stated, the fall is one of the best times to plant new shrubs and trees. The combination of warm soil and cool air give the new fall trees in gladstone optimal growth conditions. These conditions give roots a good chance to grow the soil before the ground freezes and then again in the spring before the tree or shrub needs to use the extra energy to produce foliage. For some trees the need to establish a root system and produce foliage can stress the plant out, something that will limit the growth of the new tree or shrub. In addition, newly planted Fall Trees in Gladstone receive enough precipitation to encourage growth, but even if Mother Nature doesn’t provide enough water, you can always manually water the new trees.

fall trees in gladstoneFall Trees in Gladstone

The cool weather also decreases pests and disease problems that are more prevalent in the spring as well. Fall planting makes using fertilizer unnecessary because the nature of fertilizer is to encourage growth and in the spring while you want to establish the root system you really aren’t looking to encourage tender sprouts before winter hits!

Healthy trees and shrubs are a long term investment in your landscaping and will anchor your yard for decades to come. How do full growth shrubs/trees fit into your future thoughts on landscaping? What year round features are you looking for when planting trees or shrubs? Are you looking for spectacular spring blossoms? The red bud or dogwood might be your go-to option. What about dazzling color in the fall? The Aspen tree or the sugar Maple tree might meet your needs. Discuss your needs and desires with the lawn care professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler about colorful options. Don’t forget to discuss the space needed for your new trees and shrubs. Avoid planting too close to your home or your neighbor’s home. Again, the professionals at R&S can help you do this successfully when you want to add to your landscaping this fall. (816)532-4999