Creating an outdoor room

How Can I Be Outdoors More?

If you like to be out of doors then perhaps when you are planning your new landscape design with the experts at R&S Lawn Service you should consider creating outdoor rooms for your Kearney, Missouri, backyard. Garden rooms that are well planned can provide you and your family outdoor living areas from functional (but not as pretty spaces) composting piles, to an outdoor meditation room or even a bathing room!

The more inviting the room, the more comfortable you are likely to be within it. So one goal is to arrange a traditional outdoor room, such as a family room, with some basic amenities like lighting, seating, and places to store things. It is also a good idea to have sources of water, electricity, and even shelter from the weather if need be near your outdoor room. Using elements of both hardscaping and landscaping you can transform any space into a usable outdoor room. A small space can be functional by using a trellis as a divider to separate the rest of a relaxing yard from the area you store your garbage cans or lawn care equipment. The climbing morning glories or even the roses provide camouflage for this little room.

The key is to decide what you would like to use your outdoor space for and then create plans that complement your home and your available space without overwhelming your landscape. Give the landscape design experts at R&S Lawn Service to discuss the options available for your specific yard.