Create a romantic space in your landscape

Can a Garden or Landscape Be Romantic?

Can you really have a romantic garden? It is possible to transform your garden into a romantic getaway. It takes some planning to turn a simple, plain garden in Riverside, Missouri, into a romantic destination, but the landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service are always happy to help with the transformation.

Elements such as fragrant flowers, curving lines, and hidden elements add to the romance of landscape design. Remember that the thrill of romance thrives on what is unseen. If you tuck a water feature, such as a gurgling fountain, into a hidden corner of the yard where it will be heard before it is seen that enhances the mystery and the romance. Reinforce the romantic theme with latticework and take advantage of the lower hanging branches of established trees to hang lighting or netting to foster a sense of privacy and seclusion. Look for a corner to establish for those moments of romance. Maybe add a small table and chairs or some soft cushions for snuggly seats to reinforce the romantic mood of getting away from it all!

Once the hardscape pieces are in place focus on a landscape the includes a wide variety of roses and other old-fashioned flowers, such as dianthus, sweet peas, daisies, jasmine, peony, lilacs, and wisteria. Romance has been described as a state of mind, but drawing in the senses of sight and smell can send you into a relaxed, romantic state. The design specialists at R&S Lawn Service will meet with you to discuss how they can help you convert an existing landscape into a romantic getaway.