Create a place to relax at your Smithville, Missouri home.

Looking for the Sound of Silence?

If you are looking for a place to relax and find a sense of tranquility, have you considered adding an outdoor meditation room to your landscape? Every garden contains the building blocks of a meditation space, even your simple Smithville, Missouri, garden. In a world where you are constantly running from here to there and back again, your garden can offer a place to unwind, relax, and restore your peace of mind.

Become one with nature’s beauty and encompass peace with simple building materials such as bamboo, clay, stone, and wood. A garden sanctuary should include some basic elements that will encourage you to relax. Think about your yard, is there a place that would accommodate a garden getaway, like under a tree tucked into a more secluded portion of your yard? You can choose shrubs or even wall-like structures to shape your room so it is hidden from the house or even from the nearby street. Partially enclosing your seating area will foster solitude. Silence can soothe the soul.

What kind of things make you feel relaxed? Do you want some fragrant plants or herbs? Do you want an addition of pastel colored flowers? What about a wind chime with tinkling bells? Or do you prefer silence or the sound of running water? Within your sanctuary a water feature, such as a reflecting pool or a lily pond could bring great joy and peace.  Adding a rocking chair, a hammock or a swing will encourage resting and refueling in a special way.

No matter what design ideas you have, from a secluded spot encircled with vegetation to a more year-round structure with more solid walls, the landscape design experts at R&S Lawn Service can help you plan for the addition of peace and tranquility into your garden. Call R&S today for a free consultation.