Create a new living space in the great outdoors

What Are Garden Rooms?

Have you ever heard of a garden room? It’s a great way to extend your living space outside. Your Platte City, Missouri, yard can become a premium living space with some planning and design. The landscape design specialists at R&S Lawn Service would be happy to help you create a new living space in the great outdoors. Why not transform portions of your yard (or even your whole yard) into a place you really want to be, sit, eat, sleep, entertain, or even just find solitude?

create a new living space in the great outdoors

The concept is to create a room or even a series of rooms in your garden that fulfill the specific needs you have—such as a great space to relax and read or entertain the family. The process isn’t complicated. Begin by choosing a place within the yard that lends itself to the initial transformation. You can add shrubs, fences, or even walls to achieve a sheltered, private garden room.

Do you want to add walls and fences to provide privacy? Or would you rather incorporate a living framework for the design using trees, hedges or even bermed flower beds? A hardscape structure, such as a gazebo, provides and immediate definition for an outdoor garden room. The sense of enclosure, without total enclosure of the space creates a separateness for the room and a new character that welcomes alternative uses.

Finally, consider the needs of all the members of your family when you are designing garden room spaces. For example, if you are looking to have a specific place to relax and get away from the stress of life, then setting up your garden room adjacent to where the children practice soccer in the yard is counterintuitive. If you have pets or children, is the area accessible for them? The design professionals at R&S Lawn Service will create a design that meets all the needs of your family. Give them a call today.