Create a classic design in Liberty, MO

Classic Design Elements for Your Landscaping

If you are llooking to create a classic design in Liberty, MO, then you need to make sure that you set up a strong framework. This can be a concrete path that serves as a guide to an area of pebbled stepping stones or even through an extended arbor to a final destination. What classic features will you bring to your Liberty, Missouri landscape?

Create a classic design in Liberty, MO

The functional parts of a classic landscape design include elements such as benches, hardscape structures, pathways, and containers. You will need to decide which to use for their durability, architectural design, and even their versatility. Will you need to replace the material of the pathway after a few years? Will it stand the test of time? Consider the different materials of the containers and their ability to weather a harsh Missouri winter. Also, consider concrete and iron containers can weather the elements easily and can be left out of doors. The terra-cotta containers can be damaged by the elements, such as frost, and will need to have a winter home indoors. Are you willing to bring them in? Do you have a place to store them?

As far as the landscape features of a classical garden you want to use plants as a focal point. You can tuck in pedestal planters into other greenery to take the focus off the base of the pedestal and refocus it on the plants themselves. It is possible to sculpt your shrubs and bushes into specific shapes to add a classic element to your garden. In a smaller classic garden, placing a graceful rose or butterfly bush underneath a smaller metal arch will create a focal point that accentuates the smaller space.

What else can you incorporate into a classic garden? The landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service can help you find just the right classical touches to bring your garden to life this spring.