Preventing Crabgrass in Liberty

How to prevent Crabgrass in Liberty, MO.

Call a professional! Spring means it’s time to treat your yard for crabgrass in Liberty, MO. The best time to set up an appointment for preventative treatment is early in the spring.

Understand germination of crabgrass in Liberty MO.

Crabgrass seeds can germinate any time during the year when the nighttime soil temperature is over 50 degrees for three consecutive days. Will all of the crabgrass seeds begin to germinate right away? No. Crabgrass seeds don’t all germinate at the same time. Some are late sleepers, so a single application of a pre-emergent may not be enough.

That is why R & S Lawn and Sprinkler applies two applications in the spring time.  However, as soon as the seeds wake up and begin growing, it can be a nightmare for your yard. The key is to call R&S Lawn and Sprinkler early in the spring to prevent crabgrass emergence.

Crabgrass in Liberty
Photo from:                 Family Tree and Turf Care

Crabgrass prefers to germinate and grow when the soil temperatures are a consistent 60 to 70 degrees. This explains why there are never seems to be an end to the appearance of new crabgrass during the warm months of the year.

Watch out for signs of crabgrass in Liberty MO.

Watch for weeds sprouting along the edges of concrete, next to sidewalks, patios, brick edging, and driveways. Crabgrass will emerge here first because these materials hold heat and then transfer it to the nearby soil. The seeds for crabgrass tend to get stuck in these edge areas as well. When you see the bright green, you know it’s growing season and definitely time to contact the professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler.

What if I waited to long to treat crabgrass?

What happens if you don’t call to have the crabgrass treated before its emergence? Is it too late to stop the weeds for the year? Are you doomed to a yard full of crabgrass instead of a lush, green yard? Of course not!

Let the team at R&S work with you to set up an appointment that will doom the crabgrass instead of your yard!

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