Cold Weather Flowering plants in Kansas City

Using Frost Resistant Plants to Brighten Your Landscaping

As the weather begins coating our lawns with frost each morning our plants will finish their growing season and die. This doesn’t have to signal the end of your beautiful fall landscaping. Before the frost touches your Kansas City, Missouri, lawn, consider contacting R&S Lawn and Sprinkler to design and implement Cold Weather Flowering plants in Kansas City in your landscape. Look for hardiness ratings on plants. The lower the hardiness number, the better the plant will be for autumnal planting. These Cold Weather Flowering plants in Kansas City are perfect for your garden.

Cold Weather Flowering plants in Kansas City

Design a garden space that these frost resistant flowers will receive the maximum late fall, early winter light. Avoid planting in areas where they will be exposed to a stiff drying wind, as this will lessen the moisture retention of these flowers and shorten their growing season. Then think about the size and colors that you would like to see looking out your window.

Pansies and primroses are two of the hardiest flowers, even though we generally only think of them as spring blossoms. Pansies are short flowers that grow between 6” and 8” tall, with many single or even double colors available. Their smaller size makes them perfect for container gardens, mass plantings along a walkway or even for around the base of trees.

African daisies produce dazzling single or double daisy-like flowers in a variety of colors from white to purple. Some will bloom with bicolored blossoms as well. They range from 1’ to 3’ tall and are temperature sensitive. When it is above 70 degrees they will stop blooming, but will bloom again when the temperatures fall again.

Petunias are a spring and summer flower, but they actually prefer the cooler weather. While they do need to be planted where they will get the most sun available, they have a wide variety of colors and will enliven any fall garden or container.

Dianthus are petite fragrant pink, white or red flowers that grow to a maximum height of 10”. They are excellent to line pathways with or as a border edging in a larger garden bed. When the weather gets warm, the flowers stop blooming until the cool winds of fall blow.

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