Caring for your plants in August

General Care for Your Plants in August

It’s August, it’s hot. These are undisputable facts. This tends to keep people inside versus getting out but your yard needs some attention. If you have a vegetable garden your summer vegetables and fruits are beginning to reach their peak. You’ll want to make sure to keep your plants well-watered so they don’t wilt and die from too little water.

Why are my plants dying, even if I am watering them regularly

It is possible for the ornamental garden to wilt in the heat, no matter your watering. Ornamental gardens can suffer and wilt in the heat and humidity and turn a bit crispy or even brownish and dormant. This happens because they “breathe” faster than their roots can replenish the moisture. This is why deep-rooted plants seem to fare better than the more shallow-rooted ornamental plants.

Much like the ornamental plants the gardener often feels like wilting too! Don’t give in, just plan your time outside wisely. Use the cooler early mornings and early evening hours when the heat of the day abates to get outside. Weeding and deadheading is still important. It keeps your yard neat and deadheading provides you seeds to sow in the future.

Pay attention to your watering patterns too. If you have established a regular deep-watering routine then evaluate whether this is working for you or your garden. It might be time to add a little time to your soaking.      R & S Lawn Service has your irrigation system maintenance you can always contact them if it doesn’t seem like your plants are happy!