Bush Trimming in Kansas City

What about Pruning in the Winter?

Bush Trimming in Kansas City three reasons why to do it: to reduce the size of the Bush; to maintain a desired shape for a particular plant/tree; or to improve the appearance of the plant. Naturally, you should prune to remove dead or diseased plants or branches to improve your plant’s overall health. Some plants, like hydrangeas, may grow too dense and the pruning of some interior branches of the hydrangea bush open up circulation for the plant. Good air circulation is vital to any plant’s health because it keeps diseases from taking hold.

The pruning dormant shrubs during the winter in Kansas City, Missouri, will encourage growth in the spring. It is easier to see what really needs to be trimmed once the leaves have dropped off bushes/trees. This is for you to see the inside of the Bush to determine which need to be trimmed. When  making those cuts it is important that your cuts are at a 45 degree angel on the branch that is cut.

If you decide to take on the job of Bush Trimming in Kansas City make sure you have sharp tools, make clean cuts, and consider bush/shrub growth. You want to avoid cutting against their growing pattern for the overall health of the tree or shrub. Remember, you never want to prune more than 30% of the plant’s size. Don’t worry if you don’t trim evenly. Bad pruning, like a bad haircut, will grow out eventually. However, if you don’t want to worry about getting good tools, sharpening them, knowing the growth patterns of each of your trees/shrubs or even what trees or shrubs to trim, call the landscape professionals at R&S Lawn and Sprinkler and schedule your winter pruning appointment today!