Brown Spots in Kansas City

Brown Spots in Kansas City

It was only yesterday when everyone’s yards were nice and green with out a worry. Now that Spring is over its time to reset your sprinkler timer for keeping the brown spots in Kansas City away. Some smart sprinkler technology is already out that does this for you. I am talking about the Hunter Solar Sync. The Hunter Solar Sync is a new type of technology that measures the amount of evaporation happening in your yard specifically. Other smart technology gathers this information from the local weather station. The only problem with that is there are tons of micro climates around the city, and if you are using their senors it is not going to be as accurate or personal as the Hunter Solar Sync.

One tool to help with those pesky brown spots

The Hunter Solar Sync measures The amount of Evaportransporation (ET). ET is the amount of evaporation versus the amount of water that the sprinkler system has put out on the yard and the amount of rain. The Hunter Solar Sync is designed to work on a three day running average to calculate the amount of run time to Keep the Green Alive! This is a fantastic idea for the gardeners and yard enthusiast alike. This is a scientific way to keep the guess work out of watering the yard. Give R&S a call and talk about adding one of these sensors to your Hunter Controller today!

Brown Spots in Kansas CityWhat is causing the brown spots

Brown spots in Kansas City happen even when the sprinkler system is running like it was in spring. Why are the brown spots in Kansas city still happening in your yard? Ill tell you the sprinkler system is designed to emulate natural rain. Sprinkler heads are also designed for perfect squares but property lines are not always square. Another reason brown spots happen are due to lawn diseases such as grubs or fungi. One way to combat the Brown Spots in Kansas City is by turning up the sprinkler run time. During this time if there are any small mistakes in the irrigation design this is the time we will see them. So give R&S Lawn and Sprinkler a call today to set up an appointment for a summer time tune up to assess your sprinkler to see weather it is a lawn disease or a sprinkler issue!