Beautiful ecletic gardens in Parkville, Missouri

Eclectic Design Elements for Your Spring Landscaping

While going through different designs for your landscape, take a look at the beautiful ecletic gardens in Parkville, Missouri. If you aren’t set on a specific design element. An eclectic style would be the right way to go if you like variety. This eclectic style can be well represented in your garden without it looking like a cluttered mess. All it takes is some expert planning with the landscape design professionals at R&S Lawn Service.

Beautiful ecletic gardens in Parkville, Missouri

Eclectic gardens give a carefree vibe as you wander through them. They often have a welcoming charm that is very relaxing and puts your visitors at ease. It also allows you to incorporate things you have gathered over the years. If you are selective (in other words, not everything you have ever bought is going into the landscape design) you can place the creative elements confidently and can happily combine the garage-sale finds and the one-of-a-kind deals.

Even though the eclectic garden is a combination of different styles, it can be unified to an extent with a variety of material choices. Repeated use of a specific material, such as stone, rock, or metal can create a unifying effect for these different pieces and bring the whole together.

Take time to choose a dominant color for your garden and weave it throughout the hardscape and landscape elements. This is another way to unify elements that on their own might not seem to go together easily. Call the landscape design specialists at R&S Lawn Service to make an appointment today!